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Octavia Jane is quite the little MADAM! The king size bed is HERS and you may share it with her but it comes at the cost of exactly 98 pats, 34 chin scratches and 17 nose rubs. Should she decide to charge you interest on the day, she will notify you by placing her face in your hand or atop your book. Interest is determined on a case-by-case basis and is NOT negotiable. Octavia Jane also likes to conduct excursions to other areas of the house - but she's only a tourist so don't even CONSIDER closing a door behind her. You think a woodpecker is annoying, they've got NOTHING on Octavia Jane with a closed door, hell hath no fury like a ginger cat scorned. She's got no interest in befriending other cats - ew, heathens! Humans however, that's Octavia Jane's caste.

Age: Born April 2022
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Kid friendly: no
Cat friendly: no Dog friendly: untested - probably not
Bird friendly: untested
House/Litter trained: Yes
Estimated size as an adult: Medium
Location: Atherton Microchip: 978101083684468
Octavia has been desexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and vaccinated twice.

Health Tested
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