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Benny was originally adopted from another group as a kitten called "Arlington" but, as he grew, he began to look so much like a Bengal that his owner renamed him Benny. And it is true, he is in many ways a lot like a Bengal but in truth, he's just a gorgeous big domestic classic tabby with spectacular markings. Just ? That's not fair. He is THE classic tabby moggy. Benny is a sweet boy despite his larger than average size. His looks are deceiving. He's a bit of a shy, cautious kitty. He even has a tiny kitten meow which really surprises you when you first hear it. What? A kitten voice in a big adult cat that looks like a Bengal ? He's supposed to be fierce like a wild cat. Benny is such a beautiful boy. He will come running when you call him, loves to have pats, full body stokes and scratches around the ears and chin and enjoys being brushed but, he's not a lap cat. He is affectionate, but likes to be on the move too much to sit still on a lap. Having said that, he's very intelligent and surprisingly compliant when it comes to taking meds like worm tablets etc. Benny isn't that comfortable around other cats although he's not aggressive. Once he gets to know other cats he's fine with most but does tend to be a bit of a bully with little female cats, so we would like to see him as the only cat. King of his own domain. That's what he deserves.

Age: DOB Born May 2021
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Kid friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes but prefers his own company
Dog friendly: Once familiar, is fine
Bird friendly: untested
House/Litter trained: Yes
Estimated size as an adult: Large
Location: Millaa Millaa
Microchip: 978101083499988
Benny has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.

Health Tested
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