Eliza Kennedy

Eliza is a founder of The Paws Room, a business she started to support connection between dogs and their owners. Despite her own resistance to the “cage” aesthetic of traditional crates, through lived experience and trainer guidance, Eliza realised the benefits of crates for dogs from puppy days to adulthood. She aims to support dog lovers and owners by providing dog crate furniture that integrates better into their lives and homes and offers a lifetime sanctuary for their pets.


The inspiration for The Paws Room came from Eliza’s Shar Pei, Paolo. Struggling with anxiety and guarding behaviours, Paolo benefited immediately from crates and was finally able to relax! Using dog crate furniture has better enabled integration of his needs into the family living room and to create a sense of belonging.  


Among other things, Eliza is also a mum of two and Talent Manager with Endeavour Group, motivated by the opportunity to contribute to meaningful careers for all.

Eliza Kennedy image

Image:  Eliza, Tom & Zoe Black, CEO and Founder of Happy Paws, Happy Hearts

Eliza and her partner Tom are proud to partner with Happy Paws Happy Hearts, creating positive changes for people and rescue animals. Happy Paws Happy Hearts (HPHH) is a unique community promoting inclusion and happiness. It is a place where people and animals come together to break down personal barriers and create space for change