Pet Scam Alert - Report a Scam

Please enter as much information as you can about the scam.  Note that only the website is required, but the more information provided, the more thorough we can be in our investigations.   If you've been given banking details, these are also helpful as they assist with closing all avenues being used by the scammers.  

Scam details

The scam type: Pet (purchasing a pet) or Courier (delivery of pet).

The scam website url.

The email the scammer used.

The phone number used by the scammer.

The Australian Business Number (ABN) the scammer used.

The name the scammer used when communicating with you.

Please include as much detail as you can, as this will assist us in our investigations.

Scam banking details

Bank account name

Bank account number

Bank account BSB

Bank account PAYID