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We breed and show quality mini longhair dachshunds - beautiful, true to type dogs with amazing temperaments. Our puppies are our children and pets first and they always come before anything else, you could say they are rather spoilt. They are raised in our homes and often sleep on our beds or watch TV with us on the couch. Whether you are looking at a puppy or an older dog you know you are getting only the best.

Dachshunds are a relatively healthy breed and do live a long life. As breeders, we are entrusted to ensure the next generation of Dachshunds remain this way, healthy. Our Miniature Long Dachshunds are DNA tested and are free of any genetic abnormalities. They are only fed top of the range food. They are well socialised and are just as happy in the show ring as they are at home.

Our cream miniature longhair dachshunds are derived from several carefully selected imported bloodlines. Imported with the intention to improve health, temperament and conformation.

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