Wazzat XOLOitzcuintle introduced the XOLO breed to Australia with four imports from 2009 and the first litter in 2014, after this other Xolos filtered in to Australia. We are proud to select only temp tested Xolo for our breeding program and are lucky to be able to source dogs from the highly regarded breeders in respected kennels around the world, ensuring we are able to access their best dogs. Our show results speak for the breed here and all dogs are health tested and most importantly Temp tested before any breeding, all puppies bred come from dogs with many generations in the pedigree ( at least five) we do not believe in breeding with dogs who have an undetermined pedigree as we like to know what is behind all we breed.

Pets available to suitable and reliable people, show dogs to people who want to promote the breed and have the time. Please feel free to join our facebook page to learn about the breed from the founders of the XOLO breed and many experienced breeders worldwide. RESEARCH RESEARCH all you can.

Xoloitzcuintle Puppies - Wazzat - XOLOitzcuintle Breeder - Miniature, Intermediate & Standard
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