Breeding superior Australian Cattle Dogs for over 40 companions, working stock dogs, SAR, agility, herding, Service Dogs, show champions, performance & more!

We breed superior dogs, genetically screened to be healthy, sound animals who will not pass on undesirable health issues to their puppies. We use all of the tools available to today's breeders in an effort to breed the most physically & mentally sound pups. We strive to breed biddable/ trainable dogs who can do it all - a days work in the paddock, go hiking with you or excel in many different dog sports.

Our puppies are extremely well socialized & exposed/evaluated under a wide variety of situations & environments. This puts a superior foundation on our puppies & allows us to evaluate them, so that we can help you get a puppy suitable for your needs. All puppies go with a written warranty. We offer a lifetime of support & stand behind what we breed. We will not sell anyone a puppy that we do not feel is suitable for them.

Breeder of the most titled ACD in Australia & only ACD Super Dog!

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies - Wazwallaby - Australian Cattle Dog Breeder - Childers, QLD
Phone: 07 4126 6594
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