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Vom Haus Elk is a high standards Quality breeder of Pedigree Rottweilers. Its foundations and principles are based on the German ADRK Principles Guidelines and standards of Quality and above all integrity in breeding the correct sound Rottweiler in type and temperament.

Rottweilers have been a passion of mine and my family's for many years, this devotion plus my daughter Kiera's infatuation with the breed has been the catalyst for a serious investment in the breed. After three years of research and discussions with world respected kennels across the Globe has seen the establishment of Vom Haus ELK, the translation being from House of ELK and ELK standing for Emanuel Laura and Kiera, the family unit.

Vom Haus Elk prides itself on sourcing only the highest quality dogs from the most respected kennels across the globe to include in its foundations and breeding program. If its in our kennel you can be assured its from nothing but the very best the rottweiler world has to offer both in Pedigree and Type but most important in temperament.

Located in the Southern Flinders Ranges Vom Haus Elk is situated on a large acreage property in the small township of Baroota. Our principle business is Flinders Run our family owned and operated Vineyard and Winery Business, We grow and produce world class wines for the International stage.

The development of Vom Haus Elk was done so to give our family unit an opportunity to do something together outside of the wine business, however its that same passion dedication and pride that has been devoted to the development of Vom Haus Elk.

Whether your looking for a pet or for a high quality show/working/breeding dog rest assured we are here to help you, owning a Rottweiler is not for the uncommitted owner, it takes time work devotion and a huge commitment to ensure this dog is going to get the best out of you and you the best out of the dog, its a lifetime opportunity and importantly a companionship you and dog will cherish for ever. We will help you to identify the dog and temperament that will suit your application, and importantly we are here to support you and your dog through its life. We provide a complete support package for the dog, this includes a Hip and Elbow dysplasia guarantee if at any time your dog is diagnosed with a HD/ED problem we will assist you to find the best solution for the dog and you as the owner, we understand that the bond between You and your new Rottweiler is a very close and sentimental relationship, one that should be respected and cherished. As a commitment to our dogs and their owners, In the event the worst scenario was to present itself, we offer a replacement puppy from the same or similar type breeding or if you request a refund then that would be discussed and evaluated on an individual case by case situation.

Vom Haus Elk is committed to its dogs for the lifetime of each and every one of those dogs, and if for some reason your not happy with your dog or it needs to be re-homed then, Vom haus Elk will be happy to take the dog back and assist in its re-homing. For us its all about the dog and importantly its welfare.

Please feel fee to contact us on the numbers listed, we are only to happy to assist you with your inquiry and importantly help you select the appropriate Rottweiler as your family companion.

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