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We are a family who have loved and owned this breed for over 22 years. We pride ourselves in raising happy, healthy and well adjusted dogs. We believe socialisation when young (credit goes to our children), being fed a premium diet and being raised in a mentally and physically stimulating environment is an important foundation for any dog, especially Italian Greyhounds. We live on 160 acres with horses, cows, chooks and a cat.

We are strong advocates when it comes to genetic testing in dogs and are more than happy to explain results and educate interested individuals in this area. I, Kim, have a particular interest in genetics and autoimmune issues in dogs, horse and humans.

Breeders who test for targeted auto immune issues and base their dogs future matings according to results, have a greater probability of producing healthier pups and potentially eliminated heartbreak for future puppy owners.

Our dogs have achieved many accolades in conformation, endurance and obedience. Some of our major wins include Best of Breed at Sydney and Canberra Royal. We do not post show results on public media platforms (we do post on Unico fb), and we also do not show our dogs every weekend.

Whilst our kennel is small we stand true to maintaining this breeds conformation standard. Italian Greyhounds are a hound breed, they should be refined, they should be agile.

A few years ago we imported a dog (health tested) from America. This meant we were able to increased diversity within our lines. We are very pleased with this dogs progeny thus far.

We have two litters planned for 2024. Due to family employment perks puppy transport costs to Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane maybe considerably reduced.

Contact: Kim and Tony
Unico Italian Greyhounds, NSW
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Italian Greyhound Puppies, Port Macquarie NSW - Unico Italian Greyhounds

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