I am a small in-house breeder doing my little bit to contribute to the ongoing improvement to the Australian Mist Breed. I am not a commercial breeder and don't make any money out of kitten sales. So, I don't have fancy websites or a big commercial profile or presence, but I am however invested in continuing to improve and promote a breed of Cat which was developed to enjoy living with people.

I breed for Sound Temperament - the fact that these cats are good looking too is just a bonus!

I have two breeding Queens. GoTrueBlue and PeachyKeen - Blue and Peaches for short. My Cats live in my house with me and my kittens develop and grow at foot. This means they are a valued members of my household and I take great care to ensure they reach all their milestones and are happy, healthy and well adjusted family pets. I do not have a Stud Cat or Tom cat, instead I employ the services of a suitable Tom to service my girls when they are healthy and ready to mate. Genetically, the Temperament of kittens will be passed to them by the Sire, so careful consideration is taken when choosing a suitable Tom.

Australian Mist Kittens - TrueBlue - Australian Mist Breeder - Brisbane, QLD
Phone: 0456809198
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