I am a breeder of Siamese and Oriental kittens and sometimes have pets and show kittens available for sale. I have been breeding for nearly 40 years and I am an all breeds judge with the Governing Council of the cat fancy of Victoria The Frame Family have had many successes on the show bench over the years achieving many major awards and breeding Cat, Kitten and Neuter of the Year.

We joined the Cat Fancy in 1977 and began showing Siamese as an interest for the children. We started with a Seal Point Neuter pet and later bought a Blue Torti Point as a friend for him. "Just one litter" was the plan; famous last words as nearly 40 years later I am deeply involved in the Cat Fancy. We were introduced to Orientals in 1980 when we acquired a Chocolate Female for Mandy's birthday. A year later we introduced a Foreign White Female into our cattery.

Our Queens live in the house and we have built an extension on the back of the house for the kittens and as a play area for the Queens and their babies. I like to keep the numbers of my breeding cats to around 6 allowing for one or two entire female cats and 3 stud cats and an occasional kitten to 'run on'.

I formed the Sunshine cat club and was founding president for many years. When I left the Democratic Cat Club in 1990 this club, along with it's 30 members came with me. I have twice been Treasurer of the North Western All Breeds Cat Club. I was Treasurer of the now defunct Judges Association. In 2004 I became a fully qualified Group 1 judge. I qualified as a Gp 2 judge in 1993. I then qualified for Gp3 and extended my licence to all breeds in 2016.

If you have any questions please call Meryle, or send a message. You can also find more information on my website.

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