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the Saluki Club of Victoria endeavours to educate those involved with, new to, or curious about Saluki's. We are dedicated to serving the best interests of the Breed in its home state by ensuring that members are aware of the unique requirements of successful and responsible Saluki ownership. It is also committed to providing advice and assistance to members, breeders, exhibitors and judges.

About the Saluki:
Bred to share the family home, Salukis are dignified, affectionate and loyal companions, typically reserved with strangers and generally somewhat sensitive. As a watch dog they will warn, but not attack. As adults, they are intelligent and trustworthy, albeit independent in both spirit and mind. They seldom make a great obedience dog but there are exceptions- in Australia, most notably to . for the national obedience demonstration team and a bitch trained to CDX (the latter also winning Melbourne Royal Challenges twelve years apart). Unsurpassed for its keen sight, speed and endurance, the Saluki should remind us of a graceful athlete capable of repeated marathons in harsh conditions. Although live coursing is now banned in England, Australia and some States of America, there are still opportunities in most Australian states for Salukis to test their racing talents with mechanical coursing activities. As Salukis are designed to chase, they will be impervious to commands if off-lead and chasing. They should therefore not be walked off lead near livestock or traffic. They live harmoniously with other dogs and cats in the household, but may find it difficult to co-exist with pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs as they are prone to chase anything that moves.

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The Saluki Club of Victoria is affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association which in turn is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council. It is dedicated to serving the best interests of the Saluki Breed.

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