Stable, adaptable and capable Anatolian Shepherd Dogs bred to work and excel in the Australian environment. Dedicated to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog since 1996.

Takas exists foremost from a love for the native Shepherd Dogs of Turkey and is committed to its research and documentation; education and preservation.
The prerogative of Takas, is to uphold traditional Shepherd Dog character and exterior, stock guardian acumen, and upstanding physique. Hence steadfast temperament with adaptive intelligence; longevity; sound stature and robust immune; are the cornerstones of Takas' breeding.

The Takas family cohabits Australia and Ankara, and from time to time Takas translocate Çoban Köpegi from Turkey - importing traditional Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, with genuine heritage bloodlines that are unique to Australia and worldwide.

Takas' breeding and import selection, has bolstered the standard of, and brought substance and genetic diversity to Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Australia -
producing multiple Best In Show winners, many Champions, working sentry stock guardians, & providing foundation dogs for other kennels.

In homes throughout Australia and internationally, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs bred by Takas are excelling as stock protection dogs, champion show exhibits, family companions and astute guardians -renowned for their strong headtype, upstanding physique, and traditional Coban Kopegi temperament.

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Phone: 0447 101 585
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