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We devote a great deal of time, dedication and effort to have top quality Champions within our chosen breed ONLY. On occasion we may offer puppies to loving approved companion homes. We may also offer puppies to other like-minded breeders or people wishing to show our dogs.

We are members of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC), the governing body for all canine affairs in Australia. As a member, we have a strict CODE OF ETHICS pertaining to the keeping, welfare and breeding of dogs. Carol is also a current serving member of the ANKC Canine Health and Welfare Committee.

We are NOT a commercial business, we are HOBBY breeders and exhibitors. We breed primarily for ourselves. We do NOT breed for the puppy market or for income based purposes.

At TAGETARL we believe in producing the complete and FUNCTIONAL animal. Our dogs are not only bred as a showpiece but also to be a dedicated family companion. In our ever-changing world, we require a balanced, trainable and adaptable family dog. If you dream of owning a dog who will succeed in the strongest of competition, or even if you are just looking for a companion with STAR looks, then consider the quality that we consistently produce.

At TAGETARL we are cautious to guard our bloodlines. This is because we have been successful in eliminating many of the problems and faults from our stock that are clearly still present in many dogs. We have achieved this through a sound understanding of form and function, hard work and dedication over many decades. This process has been aided by the added knowledge and application of a university background in genetics. We have systematically pulled apart our lines and then re-constructed a sound breeding programme that is to be envied. We are not saying that our dogs are perfect, every dog has areas that could be improved. But we are saying that we are aware of this and select individuals in our breeding programme that increase our chances of improving with each generation.

At TAGETARL we are serious about producing sound, healthy dogs. All breeding stock are DNA tested for PRCD. At TAGETARL all dogs hip-scored have returned a reading UNDER the breed average. At TAGETARL we have NEVER bred a deaf puppy.

Steve is licenced to judge: Gundogs (AKC sporting), Hounds, Utility (AKC working), Working (AKC herding)
Carol is licenced to judge: Toys, Terriers, Working (AKC herding), Non-sporting


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