I have bred and imported dogs. My breeds were St Bernard's, Old English Sheep Dogs (showed briefly), Bull Terriers and now the Perfect breed - the French Bulldogs. I breed quality French Bulldogs - successfully producing temperament and type for Show and family pets.

Many years ago I could foresee the necessity to supply a healthy good moving animal for people to enjoy and from past experience I could see that some people were not breeding healthy purebred animals (I believe lack of knowledge and nothing else to blame).

In the case where a champion is bred and the required strengths are obviously present, a test is for a dog to pass on it strengths consistently to its off spring.

In fact, the same goes for all proven bloodline's as well - to continue to pass on all the desired traits, if as individuals, they do possess those strengths, trial and testing is the only real proof of the level of their abilities. I believe that to know that the strengths of any good blood lines can only come from acquired knowledge and experience in this specialised field.

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