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Are you looking for the most beautiful British Shorthair kittens? Look no further! We are one of the premier breeders in the business, and we take pride in producing only the best quality bloodlines. Our breeding program is carefully and selectively designed to bring you the most adorable and healthy kittens from both Australian and overseas bloodlines. With limited supply, you can be sure that each kitten is a true gem!

We are committed to ensuring the health and genetic integrity of our cats, and as such, we guarantee that all of our kittens are free from any genetic faults and are in sound health. Our kittens come with a pedigree and PKD certificate, as well as a flight certificate for nationwide delivery, if required

If you are looking for a friendly, good natured, low maintenance pet please feel free to contact us.

Contact: Rebecca
Lynx British Shorthair, Melbourne, Victoria
Fully Verified ANCATS Registered British Shorthair Breeder

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test in accordance with the current standards and recommended guidelines for your breed? Can you demonstrate your knowledge of any required DNA or other health related test results concerning your breed (if applicable).
At our cattery, we prioritise the health and well-being of our cats above all else. We are proud to say that all of our Queens and Studs undergo thorough genetic screening through Orivet to ensure that they are free of any genetic faults. Our commitment to responsible breeding means that our clients can rest assured that they are getting a healthy and happy feline companion.
Question. Do you ensure that your kittens are appropriately socialised? Please provide details about how you raise your kittens to ensure that their environmental and social needs are met, that they are suitable as pets. And, do you ensure that the new family understands and is equipped to continue this socialisation?
We take great care to ensure that our kittens are well-socialised and comfortable with human interaction from an early age. Our hand-raising approach allows us to provide individual attention to each kitten, while also ensuring that they are familiar with their siblings. Additionally, we expose our kittens to common household noises, such as vacuums, to help them acclimate to their future homes. Our commitment to early socialisation means that our clients can expect a well-adjusted and sociable feline companion.
Question. What written information about the conditions of sale, warranty, and information concerning the care and maintenance of the breed do you provide?
As part of our commitment to providing the best possible care for our kittens, we offer a comprehensive kitten care pack sheet to all of our clients. This sheet includes important information on how to care for your new kitten, including feeding recommendations, litter box training tips, and advice on socialisation and play. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have all the information they need to provide their new companion with a happy and healthy life.
Question. Is ensuring that your kittens go to the right home a high priority? How do you ensure that the kitten will be a good fit, and be well cared for in its new home? Do you have a verbal or personal interview?
At our cattery, finding the right home for our kittens is a top priority. We take great care to ensure that each kitten is matched with a loving and responsible owner who can provide them with the care and attention they need to thrive. Our screening process includes a thorough review of potential owners' living situations, lifestyle, and experience with cats to ensure that our kittens are placed in the best possible environment. Our commitment to responsible breeding means that we take great care in placing our kittens in homes where they will be happy and healthy for years to come.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support? For example: Help with introducing a kitten to other animals; help with any health or behavioural problems that might occur.
At our cattery, we believe that our relationship with our clients doesn't end when they take their new kitten home. We provide ongoing support to all of our clients to ensure that they have the resources they need to care for their new feline companion. Whether it's answering questions about feeding or behavior, or providing advice on health and wellness, we are always available to help. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the sale of a kitten, and we take pride in being a trusted resource for all of their feline care needs.
Question. In the long term, do you assist with re-homing a kitten or cat if for some reason the new family are unable to care for it?
At our cattery, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and circumstances can change. If for any reason a family is unable to care for a kitten or cat that they have adopted from us, we will do our best to assist with re-homing. Provided that the feline has had a thorough vet check and is in good health, we will work with the family to find a new home that is a good fit for the cat's needs. Our commitment to responsible breeding extends beyond the sale of a kitten, and we take pride in ensuring that all of our felines are well-cared for throughout their lives.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
As part of our commitment to providing the best possible care for our kittens, we have partnered with PetCover to offer our clients 6 weeks of free introductory insurance cover for their new feline companion. This insurance covers veterinary fees associated with unexpected illnesses and injuries, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that their new kitten is protected. Our partnership with PetCover is just one of the many ways that we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients and their feline companions are well-cared for.

British Shorthair Kittens, Melbourne VIC - Lynx British Shorthair

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