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Our family is well and truly owned by our French Bulldogs. We x-ray hips and screen spines on ALL our dogs prior to breeding - they have also proven themselves in the ring prior to breeding. We welcome questions regarding these important health tests - also testing for HC (Hereditary cataracts), heart murmurs and luxating patella.

"Llachar" is gaelic for brilliant - our aim is to breed sound dogs that adhere to the standard, focus on temperament as well.

Founding member of The French Club of QLD ;
Member of The French Bulldog Club NSW (Inc)
Member of The French Bulldog Club of Victoria
Member of The French Bulldog Awareness Group of W.A.
Member of The French Bulldog Club of England
Member of Dogs NSW
Member of Dogs QLD

Please do not be scammed into buying a "rare" colour that is not allowable or acceptable in Australia. Please refer to the French Bulldog Club QLD website for further information on coat colour genetics, French Bulldog health and much more. The committee is always happy to offer additional information via phone or email

We maintain and breed to the standard - no fad colours such as Blue, Black and Tan or Liver allowed!

French Bulldog Puppies, Gold Coast, QLD - Llachar - French Bulldog Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD

Phone: 0411032517
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