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Koshka has been breeding Cornish Rex and Russian Blue Cats for 30 years. Our main objective is to breed show quality kittens, with gently, outgoing and interactive temperaments. Our other main focus is that of producing healthy, genetically sound, well balanced, dense coated kittens.

All KOSHKA kittens are raised in the house as babies, and as they develop, move to the temperature controlled indoor/outdoor cattery environment where they have more space to play and learn to climb the tall towers and run on the exercise wheel.

Every kitten is fully vaccinated and microchipped, and leaves with official veterinary health check and desexing certificates. Every kitten is also fully registered and issued with a registered pedigree from the Feline Control Council of Victoria.

Please note: All pet kittens are desexed before they leave : no exceptions to this rule.

Cornish Rex, Russian Blue Kittens, Melbourne, VIC - Koshka - Cornish Rex and Russian Blue Cat Breeder - Melbourne, VIC

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