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KatiKDolls is a boutique Ragdoll cattery nestled in North Sydney, passionately managed by Katrina and Kim. We're dedicated to raising healthy, well-socialized kittens that meet Ragdoll breed standards. Our home-based, cage-less environment ensures our kittens are raised as part of our family, enjoying the freedom to roam and play. Our breeding cats are imported from famous lineages overseas and we will continually import each year to maintain high-quality lines. We breed mitted and bicolor kittens, with or without lynx patterns, in seal, blue, flame, and tortie colours. All our breeding cats are DNA-tested Negative for PKD, HCM, and other genetic defects.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test in accordance with the current standards and recommended guidelines for your breed? Can you demonstrate your knowledge of any required DNA or other health related test results concerning your breed (if applicable).
Yes, we adhere to the highest health testing standards for our breed, following both current standards and recommended guidelines. All of our breeding cats undergo comprehensive DNA testing for HCM, PKD, and other known genetic diseases prevalent in our breed. Not only does this ensure the overall health of our cats, but it also helps us to breed responsibly, reducing the likelihood of these conditions in future generations. For our testing, we employ Wisdom Panel in Europe, a renowned organization respected for their authority and precision in genetic testing. They provide us with detailed and reliable results that guide our breeding decisions. We keep a strict record of all test results and are happy to share these results upon request, demonstrating our transparency and commitment to the health and wellbeing of our cats. This health-focused approach allows us to breed cats that not only meet the breed standard but are also genetically sound and healthy.
Question. Do you ensure that your kittens are appropriately socialised? Please provide details about how you raise your kittens to ensure that their environmental and social needs are met, that they are suitable as pets. And, do you ensure that the new family understands and is equipped to continue this socialisation?
Indeed, kitten socialisation is of utmost importance to us. We consider it a vital part of raising kittens and preparing them for a life as cherished pets. Our kittens are brought up right by our side, experiencing the hustle and bustle of everyday life from their earliest days. They enjoy a nurturing environment that allows them to interact, explore, and grow both physically and emotionally. From birth to 10 weeks old, kittens stay with their mother, benefiting from the invaluable lessons in social behaviour and interaction she provides. Once they reach 10 weeks old, their world expands as we introduce them to a dedicated kitten playground. This area, complete with cat trees, scratching posts, and various toys, allows the kittens to socialise with others from different litters, enriching their experiences and helping to build their confidence and adaptability. Comfort is also a priority, so we include plenty of cosy beds and blankets where they can rest and sleep. As for prospective new families, we actively involve them in understanding the importance of maintaining a stimulating and enriching environment for their new kitten at home. We ensure they have everything in place and are equipped to continue the socialisation process. To ensure that our kittens go to caring and responsible homes, we have a thorough application process in place. This process helps us evaluate potential owners and ensure they are well-prepared and committed to providing a loving, long-term home for our kittens.
Question. What written information about the conditions of sale, warranty, and information concerning the care and maintenance of the breed do you provide?
We provide all new owners with a comprehensive sales agreement that has been professionally drafted by our legal counsel. This agreement outlines all the pertinent details regarding the purchase, including terms and conditions of sale and warranties. We also include crucial information about the care and maintenance specific to the breed. This comprehensive documentation ensures that our new owners have all the essential information at their fingertips and understand their responsibilities, helping to set the stage for a successful, happy life for both the owner and the pet.
Question. Is ensuring that your kittens go to the right home a high priority? How do you ensure that the kitten will be a good fit, and be well cared for in its new home? Do you have a verbal or personal interview?
Securing the right home for our kittens is indeed a top priority for us. To ensure a good fit and proper care in their new homes, we have implemented a thorough application process. This includes a detailed questionnaire that prospective owners need to fill out, where we ask about their living environment, previous experience with pets, and their expectations for pet ownership. We also request that applicants provide photos of their home environment. If needed, we conduct phone interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the applicant's situation. This comprehensive vetting process helps us immensely in matching our kittens with suitable homes.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support? For example: Help with introducing a kitten to other animals; help with any health or behavioural problems that might occur.
Without a doubt, we offer lifetime support for every kitten that leaves our care! We are always available to assist the new owners with any concerns or questions that they might have. This includes guidance on how to introduce the kitten to other animals, or how to manage any potential health or behavioural issues. We provide a comprehensive 'New Home Notice and Preparation' guide to each new owner, containing detailed information on these topics and more. Our commitment doesn't end when our kittens find their new homes - we're always here for support and advice.
Question. In the long term, do you assist with re-homing a kitten or cat if for some reason the new family are unable to care for it?
Without a doubt, our primary commitment is to the lifelong well-being of every cat that originates from our cattery. Each of these cats is considered part of our extended family, and our duty to them doesn't end when they leave our premises. However, it is crucial to underline that adopting a pet is a solemn lifelong commitment. We emphatically discourage any casual or transient approach to pet ownership. Pets are not disposable commodities; they are family members whose care should be guaranteed for life. While we appreciate that unexpected circumstances may occasionally arise that prevent an owner from continuing to care for their pet, such instances should be exceptions, not the norm. In these unfortunate and rare situations, we would step in to assist with re-homing. Please understand, though, that any decision to relinquish a pet is deeply disappointing and disruptive for all involved, most especially the cat. Such a decision should be considered as an absolute last resort, not a convenience. We strongly urge all potential adopters to reflect seriously on the lifelong responsibility they're taking on, as abandonment or surrendering of a pet is emphatically not an acceptable practice.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
We provide complimentary Bow Wow Meow pet insurance for our kittens, which takes effect the moment they step into their new homes. This coverage lasts for an initial period of 8 weeks, offering a safety net during their crucial settling-in phase.

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