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We are a small home-based Breeder and all puppies are raised in the home as part of our family. We pride ourselves on the care of all our dogs.

Our Philosophy is to provide an enriched early learning environment for every puppy- encompassing experiences that will assist all puppies through their growth and developmental periods while they are in our care - the pre-natal period, the transitional period and the critical socialisation period. I fell in love with this breed a few years ago and am confident that you will too. All my dogs are pets and are brought up in the home environment. Russian Toys are loving, intelligent companions for your family. They are loyal, playful members of any family -- and they benefit from an active household. They are a true companion dog that requires nurturing and daily exercise.

Breeding is definitely not as easy as people think it is and can be very lonely. I had an experience where life and death situations were at play, leading me to self-discovery and research and where I am today.

I have been lecturing and training in Early Development Cognitive theories at TAFE and University for many years and have recently become passionate in the areas of veterinary behavioural/early learning and development sciences and canine evolution research.

The science and my passion is there. I can work with my dogs. We can help our dogs and support all owners along the way. Imagine all the hearts we can heal.

I have studied learning and development and incorporated this into my puppy learning plans. I am learning what a puppy's early developmental needs are and when to introduce experiences to ensure each puppy is the best they can be when rehomed with their forever families.

Please get in touch with any enquiries.

Contact: Lee
KATHMANDOG Russian Toys - Stawell, VIC
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Russian Toy Puppies, Stawell VIC - KATHMANDOG Russian Toys (Long Haired)

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