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At Kadma we are serious about producing quality Weimaraners of correct type and superb temperament. Please visit our website where you will notice several other breeds appear in our pictures. We pride ourselves on dogs with stable temperament who can be friends with both big and small breeds. We are also very health conscious. On the whole Weimaraners are a reasonably healthy breed however EVERY breeder should take responsibility to ensure their dogs are certified suitable for breeding prior to being bred. At Kadma ALL our dogs are Hip and Elbow X-ray accredited and we are not ashamed to publish all our dogs' scores for public view.

All our puppies are house raised puppies to enhance the people bonding and all our adult dogs are also house dogs. Our puppies are raised with love and attention and are taught puppy manners appropriate to their age.

As a responsible breeder I have put many years of experience into the breed. All my dogs are health checked for Hips/Elbows, patella, eyes and mouth prior to breeding. Also the utmost thought has been put into selecting each breeding pair. Many hours of checking pedigrees and researching dominant and recessive traits in each parent have been undertaken. I would hate to tally the amount of money on stud fees, travelling expenses and importation of frozen semen. For these reasons and because I feel a responsibility to this wonderful breed my puppies are sold on a limited (non breeding) register.

Tail docking is illegal in Australia and as such we will not break the law. Weimaraners are a wonderful breed and although not for everyone we endeavour to place our puppies in loving homes. Our puppies are bred and raised with love and even though we would love to breed our dogs in the manner to which they were originally portrayed we figure that Weimaraners with tails just give you that little bit more to love!!!

We take the management of our stud dogs very seriously. We also take the utmost care to produce sound dogs both in mind and body and as close to the breed standard that is possible. We are extremely health conscious and check our dogs for hips, elbows, heart, eye and also have them DNA profiled. It is our belief that as a breeder should offer anyone who wishes to adopt one of our dogs that we do as much as we can to sell them a healthy puppy. Nature can be very cruel and we can only hope to eliminate any hurdles that mother nature throws our way. So with this in mind will only allow our boys to go to what we consider good quality healthy and certified bitches. For more information about our stud dog policy please see 'policies' on our website.

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