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Welcome to Jenzsa, one of the first recognised breeder of Miniature American Shepherds in Australia.

We imported the very first breeding pair of champion bloodline AKC Miniature American Shepherds (MAS) from the USA to Australia.

The Miniature American Shepherd was not recognised by our national kennel council ANKC until 2022.
It wasn't an easy task however after a paper trail of documents, backward and forward emails on the 26th July 2022 I received the email I had been waiting for!!!!

ANKC have accepted the Miniature American Shepherd.

Our program will focus on producing genetically sound, great temperament and perfect composition (well, close to perfect) Miniature American Shepherds, as well as the perfect pet / companion.

Miniature American Shepherds make the perfect pet and family companion, they are smart and loyal, fluffy and cute, confident and overall, an amazing dog.

I am extremely excited to be able to showcase my Miniature Amercian Shepherds in the show ring as well as providing families with an amazing pet.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test appropriately (eg hip and elbow X-ray scoring, DNA testing), and understand the genetic issues that may affect your breed? Do you have sensible, sustainable breeding strategies in place to promote the health of your dogs and puppies?
DNA Full breed profile, hips and elbows, eye tests and regular vet checks.
Question. Do you ensure that your puppies are properly socialised?
I socialise them with my children, other children and I also have other dogs that are my pets that are different sizes that they play with regularly.
Question. Do you have any of the following: conditions of sale, health guarantee or warranty, de-sexing agreement, a buyer questionnaire, verbal or personal interview?
I partially sterilise my pet dog prior to leaving my home. Each puppy has a lifetime health guarantee, de-sexing contract, buyers questionnaire and I also call them on video call.
Question. Is ensuring that your puppies go to the right home a high priority? What type of measures do you take to ensure your dogs and puppies are going to go to loving homes?
Having my puppies partially sterlised definitely ensures that the buyers are after a pet and they are genuine. Alot of people aren't as keen to buy a puppy if they are sterilised.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support?
The buyers, potential buyers and any other person interested can call or message me anytime.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
I offer between 6 - 8 weeks free pet insurance with Pet Cover or Pets on Me.
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
I can help rehome the puppy or adopt it back in my pack.

Miniature American Shepherd Puppies, Central Coast NSW - JENZSA Miniature American Shepherds - Central Coast, NSW

Phone: 0424 203 140
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