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We are dog lovers, members of Dogs NSW & a number of specialty dog clubs & dog training clubs. We are ANKC registered dog breeders of ANKC registered Gun Dogs & ANKC registered Working Dogs.

We have shown, trialed, trained & worked dogs for many years & our dogs are regulars on the show circuit & compete in other disciplines. Our ANKC Gun Dog breed of choice are the Lagotto Romagnolo & Our Working Dog breeds are German Shepherd Dogs and Spanish Water Dogs which we have imported from Europe in the last couple of years.

We live out of Sydney about an hour from the CBD & approx 2 hours from Canberra on some acres that is a work in progress for the benefit of the dogs, other domestic animals, and the native animals that share the land with us.

The property is adjacent to native bush, creeks & rivers, not too far from the coast & an ideal environment to raise & train our dogs. We take no shortcuts in their care & welfare & welcome those of you interested in the breeds to visit us, but by appointment. We have a responsible & defined breeding programme that results in healthy pups with personality & character, fit for work, sport, or as family pets. Whilst our pups might go to enthusiasts interested in a range of dog sports such as obedience, agility, fly ball, dock diving, etc., some of our pups are trained to be therapy dogs, tracking dogs, truffle hunters, service dogs & retrieving dogs, but our pups also go to approved 'pet ' homes.

We have pups from time to time, and when available are always ANKC registered on Main Register from health tested & DNA tested parents. We subscribe to the Volhard and the neurological stimulation tests & processes. We ensure their physical & mental development by raising pups in our home & from 5 weeks they spend time, weather permitting, in a special area next to the house & all pups are socialised with our other dogs & family members. Pups leave us at 8 weeks of age healthy & confident, ANKC registered, vaccinated, health tested & micro-chipped with all paperwork. The next 8 weeks of life is a critical period for the pup & you. Don't waste it - the first 16 weeks of their lives is a most critical time.

It's important for prospective Lagotto and Spanish Water Dog owners to understand that these breeds really are 'working' dogs, require time, effort and ongoing training. They are not lap dogs & are not low maintenance dogs. They are certainly cute & fluffy when small & young, but they grow fast, needing consistent guidance & a lot of mental stimulation that will be demanding of your time. They are smart & energetic; dig holes, like water, and need regular grooming. They need ongoing 'balanced' training & NOT 'positive only' training and the training does not stop at puppy preschool graduation. You need time & commitment & if you don't have the skillset, then we can recommend professional dog trainers using balanced training methods, to you.

NOTE WELL, early desexing is not recommended for the long term health of the dog, be it a male or female.....

We suggest to you that the most important considerations when looking for a Lagotto pup or a SWD pup to join your family is not the colour of the pup, but the temperament and character. Please bear this in mind.

Enquiries are always welcome but we do have a process that needs to be followed if you are really interested in a healthy, well balanced, confident & personable Incavale pup. We make no apology in being extra careful about suitable homes for our pups so it is suggested that an initial phone call to Judith on 0246843991 or 0418966336, is the way to go. We will send our puppy application form which will give us information about yourself, family, contact details, home address, experience with dogs, and other information that is important to us.

Text & email messages that do not provide any information about yourself, why you are interested in the breed etc., are usually ignored.

Please visit our website and through our pages & check the blog as most of the questions you will ask about our dogs are answered there.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test appropriately (eg hip and elbow X-ray scoring, DNA testing), and understand the genetic issues that may affect your breed? Do you have sensible, sustainable breeding strategies in place to promote the health of your dogs and puppies?
My dogs are hip and elbow x-rayed also checking patellas DNA testing done for all known recessive conditions within the Lagotto breed MY girls very rarely have more than 3 litters in their lifetime and these are over the first 6 years of their life
Question. Do you ensure that your puppies are properly socialised?
Puppies have a variety of enrichment toys activities to develop the resilience and social interactions we also encourage family and visitors later when puppies are able to interact with their 2 legged family members
Question. Do you have any of the following: conditions of sale, health guarantee or warranty, de-sexing agreement, a buyer questionnaire, verbal or personal interview?
Health contract/guarantee. We do not advocate for early de-sexing preferring the puppies finish growing and developing
Question. Is ensuring that your puppies go to the right home a high priority? What type of measures do you take to ensure your dogs and puppies are going to go to loving homes?
We have a puppy application which gathers information about the prospective families and their needs for a dog and their experience with dogs we also encourage a visit to our kennels so that prospective families can meet our dogs and we can meet them to ensure they are right for our breeds
Question. Do you offer ongoing support?
I encourage all new owners to keep in touch and check in if they have any issues with the puppy
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
But I do advice new families to investigate their options I also give them a brochure that offers 8 weeks free insurance if they decide to go with the insurance company
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
We have a lifetime commitment to both our dogs and the families that purchase them and realise that circumstances do change and not everyone can mange these changes and their dog

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