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Homes For Huskies Rescue Inc is based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are a dedicated group of volunteers committed to saving the lives of Siberian Huskies who are unwanted or where exceptional circumstances prevail that their owners can no longer look after them.

Homes For Huskies Rescue Inc advertise our dogs on Petrescue and Facebook to secure forever loving homes that understand and love the unique breed.
We are a small but growing rescue and have rescued and rehomed many Siberian Huskies since starting in 2014 and, with your support, endeavour to rescue many more.

We take surrendered or impounded Siberian Huskies when possible and place them in foster care in loving private homes where they are assessed to better match them with their prospective furever homes and to rehabilitate them if required to achieve a successful rehoming.

We can also assist with the private re-homing of dogs where the dog is able to continue to reside with the original owner until a suitable home can be found.

All our Huskies will be fully vet worked while in our care which includes Desexing, Microchipping, C5 Vaccination, Heartworm test and treatment and internal and external parasite treatments.

The adoption cost of our dogs is used to cover the operating cost of our foster and veterinary care, transportation and other such expenses incurred in rescuing and rehoming Siberian Huskies. Also to assist in the ongoing costs of rescuing Siberian Huskies in need as we rely on donations from the public as we get no government funding.

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