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The Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc. is a non-profit organisation, incorporated with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, which is dedicated to the welfare of Greyhounds. We are also a charity and rely on memberships and donations for our funding and do not accept Greyhound Racing industry funds.. Our primary purpose is to educate the public on the benefits and care of Greyhounds as companion animals, and to find permanent loving homes for these beautiful hounds.

When a dog enters our Program, it is placed in a temporary (foster) home for a minimum period of 3 - 4 weeks, often longer. This is in order to expose them to as many different experiences within and outside the home as possible. The progress of each dog is monitored carefully and their suitability for rehousing assessed. Once the Greyhound has passed through this 'training' and evaluation period, he / she will be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and tested for heartworm. When the dog has fully recovered from the surgery, the dog is ready to be adopted into his / her new home.

Fast Facts about Greyhounds:
Retired racing Greyhounds are dogs like all others but they have some unique characteristics. They are generally intelligent, sensitive, gentle and sociable dogs which readily adapt to life as a family pet.

Do Greyhounds need a lot of exercise?
Despite the image people have of them, they do not require lots of exercise. One twenty minute walk per day is all that is required to keep them happy and healthy. Like a cat, the Greyhound will find the cosiest place in the house (usually your bed or the sofa) and will be content to sleep there all day. Despite being large dogs, they can curl up into small areas, and seldom get under your feet.

Do they make good guard dogs?
Greyhounds rarely bark, usually only when something is wrong or when they get very excited. If you want a guard dog, the Greyhound is not the breed for you. They will 'watch' everything - but that's usually as far as they go. For most Greyhounds, everyone they meet is greeted as a friend. Greyhounds are great leaners and may rub up against your leg like a cat. Some individuals are a little more aloof when in the company of strangers.

Are Greyhounds OK with children and other pets?
Many Greyhounds while racing never experience other dog breeds or small animals such as cats or guinea pigs. As they have been bred as hunters for centuries, the instinct to chase is very strong in some dogs. Most Greyhounds are very sociable and will mix readily with other dogs if introduced correctly. Some retired dogs will get along well with cats; others are too 'keen' to live successfully with them. Generally, Greyhounds are very gentle with children, preferring to walk away from a pestering child; however, young children (especially under-fives) should never be left to play unsupervised with a dog of any breed.

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GAP (NSW) attends many promotional displays and events throughout the year as part of our educational role. Volunteers are welcome to assist by attending such displays with their dog. We also hold an annual Picnic Day / Greyhound Reunion where our adoptive families and their Greyhounds get together to exchange stories and renew friendships.

Please visit our website for more information about memberships, how you can sponsor a greyhound and to :

- Find out about Greyhounds with a view to either fostering or adopting.
- See what Greyhounds are available for adoption.
- Find out where you can see a Greyhound.

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