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Gausturm kennels were established in 1985 with Weimaraners and in 1996 with longhairs. Then in 2017 we imported a rare new breed of gundog known as the Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer.

The Wirehaired Slovakian Pointers were first bred in Slovakia to be wirehaired Weimaraners using cesky fousek and Weimaraners. Later they became known as the wirehaired Slovakian pointer and other breeds were sparingly used to promote a wiry coat such as German wirehaired pointers and puddle pointers. They were bred to be a versatile gundog for harsh conditions grey in colour with a harsh wiry coat. They make an excellent first gundog as they already have incredibly strong instincts to retrieve point and willingness to work in water.

We had owned weimaraners since 1972 with our first weimaraner NZ Ch Garmische Waldmeister and later Weiyelka Pangari. Our foundation breeding was from Ch Silberuss Blanche CD (Rushcka who lived to ) and Gunesh Silver Karn (Ben). Since then we have bred over 50 Australian champions, 4 international champions, 6 tracking champions and 2 grand champions.

We breed weimaraners and weimaraner longhairs. We average only have one litter per year and work with our puppy owners, mentoring them if they plan to have litters themselves. All our dogs have great temperaments, are bred to the standard and love to hunt.

I also have my gundog judging licence, obedience licence and hound licence.

We are situated in Hobart Tasmania.

Weimaraner, Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer Puppies, Acton Park,Hobart, TAS - Grausturm Kennels - wirehaired Slovakian pointer and Weimaraner Breeder - Hobart, TAS

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