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Glenmaulyn Cattery first began in the 1960's when my mother, Sylvia Cooper, was given a magnificent pale blue longhair male by the name of Lavendel Blue Monarch, and from then on, bred longhairs for many years, then in 1990 we fell in love with our first abyssinian who stole our hearts.

Since 1990, with thanks to Jan Fuller and with the help of the then newly founded Cat Owners Association of Western Australia, my mother and I began to breed the Abyssinian and Somali with the same passion my mother had all those years ago.

These cats are lively and intelligent with purrsonality plus. They are very much 'people' cats who love to play and help with whatever you are doing whether it be reading, typing on the computer or housework, and then when all is done to make themselves comfortable on your lap for a kiss and cuddle.

Abys and somalis come in several colours, namely tawny (also described as ruddy or usual), sorrel (also described as cinnamon), blue, fawn and in the silver variety (black, blue, sorrel and fawn). Their distinct 'wild' look comes from the ticking which all abyssinian and somali cats should possess. In the the somali it can take up to 18 months to develop fully.

The somali is described as a semi longhair aby, answering to the same standard, the only difference being the coat which is long and silky in texture with a foxy tail, and does not have the tendancy to matt. They require and enjoy a regular comb through about once a week or as often as you like to.

No matter what kind of kitten or cat you love and look after, we support and thoroughly recommend all cats be sterilized and micro-chipped. A run attached to the house is an excellent idea. This way the wildlife is protected as well as your life long friend.

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