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Breeding and training high quality working line German shepherds for sports and working homes.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test appropriately (eg hip and elbow X-ray scoring, DNA testing), and understand the genetic issues that may affect your breed? Do you have sensible, sustainable breeding strategies in place to promote the health of your dogs and puppies?
Our dogs are hip and elbow scored and have excellent results. I’m very familiar with the health and temperament of our lines and they’re all excellent
Question. Do you ensure that your puppies are properly socialised?
Our animals are raised in a busy family environment with exposure to children, noises and many other animals. We recognise that socialisation is at its most paramount mainly after the puppy is old enough to leave the mother and offer expert and professional advice to future owners to assist them in achieving this in the best way possible
Question. Do you have any of the following: conditions of sale, health guarantee or warranty, de-sexing agreement, a buyer questionnaire, verbal or personal interview?
Our health warranty corresponds with that of dogs Victoria. It is not a requirement that our puppies be desexed and we do provide a buyer questionnaire to potential buyers as well as a follow up phone call with successful applicants. We encourage visits to the property to view and discuss the puppies and their parents
Question. Is ensuring that your puppies go to the right home a high priority? What type of measures do you take to ensure your dogs and puppies are going to go to loving homes?
We are not only interested in living homes but homes that will provide the appropriate care for our particular line of working dogs. Apart from our vetting system, we provide training and support to our puppy owners for the life of the dog. Our contract states that if the dog can no longer be cared for by the original purchasers, that it is to be returned to us.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support?
We are qualified dog trainers and offer training and behaviour support for the life of the dog
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Our contract is between us and the original owner of the dog and should this cease to be possible, the dog must be returned to us for handling and rehoming

German Shepherd Puppies, Broadford, VIC - GESUND Working Line German Shepherds

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