Eukypark Dachshunds started in the early nineties breeding and showing the standard longhairs, in the early 2000's we had our first standard smooth litter and have been breeding and showing these since then. Over these years we have had much success in the show ring both with Australian and overseas judges. We have incorporated lines from America the UK and Finland in with our own lines.

All our breeding stock are back x-rayed for calcifications (IVDD) of the spine these x-rays are done between the age of 24 mths - 36 mths our x-ray are sent to Finland for reading. IVDD can be genetic so we do this so we know what we are breeding to what, this will not stop all problems but as responsible breeders we think this is a start.

Our dachshunds first and foremost are part of our family and raised this way in a loving home environment.

We do not sell any of our puppies or older dachshunds for breeding.

If you would like anymore info please contact us.

Dachshund Puppies - Eukypark - Dachshund Standard Smooth Haired - Ulverstone Tasmania
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