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We are at small cattery located in outer nth west Melbourne we breed the delightful Exotic shorthair cat. We're are registered members with FCCV and in keeping with current Victorian legislation, also hold a breeders registration permit no.

Our cats and kittens live in our home and babies are lovingly raised underfoot, well socialised , and used to the day to day noise if a busy household .get also live with 2 dogs

* Our babies come vaccinated x2 microchipped, desexed , registered with FCCV and are strictly to indoor only homes, with access to a fully enclosed outdoor area in which to play and snooze during the warmer months..

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test in accordance with the current standards and recommended guidelines for your breed? Can you demonstrate your knowledge of any required DNA or other health related test results concerning your breed (if applicable).
Tested for Coronavirus Teseted treated and minitorred GGIP in a desexed male NFC Tested and treated for fRingworm .kitten buys rare made fully aware and kittens leave with health guarantee form my vet
Question. Do you ensure that your kittens are appropriately socialised? Please provide details about how you raise your kittens to ensure that their environmental and social needs are met, that they are suitable as pets. And, do you ensure that the new family understands and is equipped to continue this socialisation?
Kitten are born and raised in our home they are extremely well socialised from birth . from 8 weeksof age they are free to roam our home and live quite happy and confidently with 2 dogs well as other feline members of our home, .they have access to an outdoor fully enclosed play area.
Question. What written information about the conditions of sale, warranty, and information concerning the care and maintenance of the breed do you provide?
No written warranty as such is provided, however if any of my adopting families had an issue pertaining to health, I’d support them in a way I felt was in feeling with an ethical breeder. My buyers are given clear instructions on eye care what and how to use and frequency together with grooming and bathing the exotic coat
Question. Is ensuring that your kittens go to the right home a high priority? How do you ensure that the kitten will be a good fit, and be well cared for in its new home? Do you have a verbal or personal interview?
First and foremost potential buyers that simple “ask How much?” are never responded to. I seek people, who without asking give me a clear picture of what they are looking for what they are offering housing arrangements experience or non experience with cats there expectations regarding an animal that will be loved family member.. thes are always met with further discussions either by phone and in some instances with a visit
Question. Do you offer ongoing support? For example: Help with introducing a kitten to other animals; help with any health or behavioural problems that might occur.
A number of years ago and after trying so many different plans of attack I took back a yiur male kitten who was peeing everywhere. I later learned that the owner suffered ADHD with suicide tendencies. It was quite sad by cleary the kitten was liv8ng in a toxic environment . Once he returned ro me it took some time to resettle him which happened over fairly long time.abut he slowly improved. I’ve never had any new owner mention issuS with settling or introducing a new kitten however I always advise that slow introductions are paramount and step them trough the process if needed.yo my knowledge new introductions have always gone very well.
Question. In the long term, do you assist with re-homing a kitten or cat if for some reason the new family are unable to care for it?
With rhr exception of the one detailed above ..I’d have no hesitation helping if it was required.. I bred the. Therefore they are a lifelong responsibility I believe
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Breeder has not answered this question
I have in the past but dont now ..mainly because I forget to do it if I’m to be truthful

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