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We are breeders of Maine coon cats located in South East Queensland, people that have been asked many times why did we become Breeders our answer is always the same and that is, my wife and myself fell totally head over heels in love with the breed. When our first MC Jinxy girl came to live with us and very shortly after that we got 2 MC boys, watching them grow, finding out their personalities and their little quirks brought us so much joy, love and happiness. That's why 1 of my favourite sayings is, life is happier if you have a Maine coon, this is why we decided to become Breeders, to be able to see other people feel like that joy and the love of a Maine coon which is life changing.

Being a breeder isn't what I'm sure the way a lot of people would think all cute kittens and money it's far from it, it's hard work, no holidays, it can take years to build and cost a lot of money, vet bills, food bills, grooming, cleaning up after, testing bills, so we know that our kittens are healthy and so many other things.

Us as breeders we do it for the love of the breed and we want to see other people happy. It's not about money because I can promise you we don't make much money, we make a little but 80% goes back into breeding and taking care of all our babies every year so our clients will get the healthiest, happiest cutest kittens. We spend lots of money every year to breed kittens and for them to be the healthiest happiest, cutest kittens we can breed and to take care of all our other mummy and daddy Maine coons who make those kittens and to have a breeding line that we are building to breed a strong standard of Maine coon line.

As breeders we want to be transparent with the way we operate our cattery eg: once messaged on messenger it will be phone calls, video calling and if you are able to visit us when adopting your new furbaby we have no problem of you seeing our cattery and meeting our family.
As breeders we want to educate new mums and dads and answer any questions they ask about their new baby, or about the Maine coon breed itself. Remember no question is a silly 1, we want our new mums and dads to become apart of our Maine coon family and always be there for them and hopefully in some way watch the babies grow up, they will always be special to us.

As breeders we do all health checks, DNA and Genetics for diseases, heart scans and hip scoring on all our breeding stock and when adopting your furbaby or babies they are available of viewing, we want the best for our kittens to find safe happy forever homes where they will be loved as much as the love they will show their new families. So when you msg us please tell us about yourself and your family, children or other pets things like that, why you want to adopt a Maine coon.

We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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