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Cadfell Mastiffs is a small kennel situated in the beautiful Port Stephens region of NSW Australia. We have four Mastiffs and one rescue Bullmastiff cross who live with us on a few acres of paradise.

Our aim at Cadfell is to breed sound, healthy, typical Mastiffs with good temperaments that are well suited to becoming loved family members. To that end, we will only breed from dogs that we consider to be well bred, healthy, sound animals that have had hip and elbow scored as a minimum. All our dogs are happy, well adjusted and live with us in a family environment. They are regularly walked around the neighbourhood and love to meet all the neighbours and their dogs, and we often get some interesting looks and comments whilst walking three or even more Mastiffs on the lead.

Our vision of the Mastiff is a large, powerful, active, fit and agile dog that can run, play and live an enjoyable life. To us, the ideal size for a Mastiff male is around 32 inches in height and 100 kg in weight. He should be an imposing animal, very muscular and powerful...not as tall as a Great Dane, but much more strongly built. He should have a large, square head without too much wrinkle and have powerful hindquarters to provide great drive to his movement, He should appear to move effortlessly and easily despite his great size. I envision the ideal bitch being a bit smaller than the males, ideally around the 30 inch height and 80 kilo weight, but equally strong in build to her male counterpart, with a strong, but feminine head. We are still working on it!!!

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