Breeding purebred Birmans and Norwegian Forest cats for over 20 years. Cat show judge with FCCV.

Borealis Cats began its breeding program of Norwegian Forest cats from quality Scandinavian lines, breeding for temperament, size and coat. Our kittens are vaccinated, vet checked, desexed (if a pet), litter trained, flea and worm treated, and we offer lifetime of follow-up whenever required.

My Birmans are from show-winning backgrounds and are mainly pure seal point and blue point lines, to retain the classic Birman look and type.

If you are seeking an entire kitten, not desexed, for breeding purposes, you MUST be a registered cat breeder with a recognised Cat Fancy Body and your membership number will be required for the pedigree registration. Breeding cats are always good quality and type, although show temperament can never be guaranteed and you will sometimes need to do a lot of work in order to accustom a kitten/cat to the stresses of being shown.

Birman, Norwegian Forest Kittens - Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats and Birmans - Melbourne, VIC
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