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The goal of any breeding program is to produce happy, healthy, socially adjusted puppies that are ready to excel in every facet of life. At Bidgeesrun Border Collies our aim is to provide owners with those healthy happy puppies that are ready to pursue the best life has to offer All dogs of the Bidgeesrun Border Collies breeding program are either DNA tested or cleared by parentage of the known diseases, CEA, CL & TNS.

At Bidgeesrun Border Collies we want to ensure every puppy born is a success whether as a family pet, sporting dog or anything in between. All puppies are raised in our home and are exposed early on to the world. This includes being exposed to all different sights and sounds of an everyday household and later on to their puppy pen outside with all the noises you could imagine in a country setting.

We believe in handling our puppies as much as possible, they are loved from day one and they are shown this throughout their time with us. We also like to ensure they are around all types of people from big (adults) to small(children).

Most importantly we allow them to explore and harness their instincts as a Border Collie. Play is a big factor and we ensure they use all types of toys from balls to tug toys and we help bring this along by having play sessions with the puppies on a daily basis. that is what we want you to get as an owner of a Bidgeesrun Border Collie.

First Steps to owning a Bidgeesrun Puppy:
We like to do our best to assure that the personality of the puppy matches the personality of the person or family they will be living with. With that in mind we ask that potential owners fill out a Bidgeesrun Questionnaire (located on our website) so that we gain an understanding of what type of dog you are after, the environment they will be in and what you really want out of your Border Collie.

A deposit will need to be made after the litter arrives to ensure you retain the puppy of your choice. Whilst we prefer you to come to collect your puppy from Bidgeesrun, we understand that this is not always possible and transport can be arranged at your expense. The closest airport to us is the Canberra Airport and we can send puppies this way if required.

Cost of a puppy includes vet check, 1st vaccination, micro chipping, regular worming schedule and an extensive puppy pack with a range of information and goods that will help your puppy get the best start possible in his or her forever home.

We welcome visitors at any time to have a look at our infrastructure, meet our dogs and discuss anything you need to know about Bidgeesrun Border Collies or Border Collies in general.

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