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Azrar Australian Cattle Dogs : Breeding for temperament and type since 1982.

My parents had cattledogs before I was born, my childhood guardian was my dads dog Blue, always beside me. We began with our first pedigreed Australian Cattledog, Berrilyn Blue Debutant in 1982, she became my daughter's shadow and our Grand kids have always known the joy and comfort of her descendants to share their childhood.

Our first prefixed pup Azrar Blue Misty went Best in Show Puppy at Singleton and went on to 2nd at Sydney Royal, Her sires sister went Challenge Bitch.
We have aimed to continue the heritage of Debbi, Misty and Bindi to keep their descendants to the excellence we started with thanks to Hilton Sinclair all those years ago. We still have occasional litters available tracing back to not only Debutant but her cousin Aust Ch Jellendor Dean Lukin.

Our Minor Puppy Bitch Azrar Echo Blu Lady was 2nd in her class and our Minor Puppy Dog, Azrar Blu Phantom Echo Won his class and then, Minor in Show, and my 8 Month old Puppy Dog, Darshu Storm Herald, Won Puppy In Show and Challage Dog at the 2014 Australian Cattle Dog Society Easter specialty show with 100 entries!

I am thrilled Robyn Spargo entrusted us with this amazing boy and wish her continued success with her unforgettable boy CH Pureheel Royal Echo, who left me a legacy of lovely puppies.

Australian Cattle Dogs are incredibly smart, loyal, protective of you, your family and eager to please. NEVER leave a pup unsupervised with what U don't want mangled. SHAME ON U!

Please contact Sandra with any enquiries: 0427361617

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