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Situated in Western Australia, Aurorabo endeavours to bring you the finest lines of Norwegian Forest Cats stemming in origin from our very experienced breeder over East.

My deep love and admiration for these amazingly gentle, affectionate and intelligent cats started by taking on these two majestic, lush double-coated, easy maintenance creatures from someone who had to give them up in 2013.

They are as connected to their origins as they come and the breed is respectably one of the world's largest, most adaptable and hardy, but with their chirping, also the quietest, most friendly and interactive you will find.

Please check our social media for updates and available kittens over time.

We take on cats of any age of this breed that need a home. Contact: Hester,

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Norwegian Forest Kittens, Perth WA - Aurorabo Norwegian Forest Cats - Perth, WA

Phone: 0478217377
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