We have been breeding and exhibiting dogs for over 40 years and have more than 75 Champions in Hounds and Terriers, including Best In Show and specialty BIS winners

All our puppies are reared as naturally as possible in our home, alongside other dogs, young children and cats. We sometimes have puppies available after we have chosen our show puppies. We do not allow puppies to leave before 10 weeks of age, as we like them to stay with their mum for longer, to help ensure manners are learnt.

Our Whippets have fun, outgoing natures and are very affectionate!

Please contact Dogs NSW on: info@dogsnsw.org.au to verify my membership.
Borzoi, Scottish Terrier, Whippet Puppies - Argowan - Whippets and Scottish Terriers
Phone: 0403087291
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