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A small boutique style cattery that breeds Maine Coons . You are welcome to visit my cattery on the coast, south of Perth at most times.

I have a 'Garden ' cattery and, in fact, my cats are 'house' cats and are house reared. My cats roam around our enclosed garden as well as inside my house. I breed for temperament and health to ensure My kittens make the best new addition to your family.

It is beautiful to watch my BIG stud cat Coyote interact with his girls. He is also great with his "KITTENS ". I breed these beautiful pedigree family cats for caring families who will love them, anywhere in the world. My cats have all been tested for HCM Gene A31P and are all CLEAR.

I have been smitten by the biggest "BREED" of domestic cat in the world "The Maine Coon". I have welcomed these gentle GIANTS into my little furry family. They are the most affectionate, social and laid back cat you could ever wish to meet.

You can reach me by calling 0418455474 or by sending a message.

Maine Coon Kittens, Mandurah, WA - Alure Cattery - Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Mandurah, Western Australia

Phone: 0418455474
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