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Training Classes - Puppy School - Behaviour Problems. Registered with Local Council. We cater to families with dogs of all ages and all breeds - held in a secure environment with indoor and outdoor all weather arenas. Plenty of off road parking.

We also operate a small boarding facility for 'Dogs who like to be Dogs' - with large pens and huge secure paddocks for playtimes.
Breeding ANKC registered Australian Shepherds.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test appropriately (eg hip and elbow X-ray scoring, DNA testing), and understand the genetic issues that may affect your breed? Do you have sensible, sustainable breeding strategies in place to promote the health of your dogs and puppies?
All dogs used for breeding have Hip/Elbow scores thru official association and their DNA profiling from Orivet
Question. Do you ensure that your puppies are properly socialised?
We have a strong social program where pups go out for visits to friends from about 4 weeks old. New families are encouraged to visit their new pups from about 3-4 weeks of age.
Question. Do you have any of the following: conditions of sale, health guarantee or warranty, de-sexing agreement, a buyer questionnaire, verbal or personal interview?
We run a few Meet and Greet Information Days each year... for my own and other related breeders. Families come and meet adult dogs and the human members of their families to ensure they understand the commitment of time and effort for our breed. Homes are selected with this consulting by many of the participants. All pups have a Letter of Agreement.
Question. Is ensuring that your puppies go to the right home a high priority? What type of measures do you take to ensure your dogs and puppies are going to go to loving homes?
As above
Question. Do you offer ongoing support?
We hold monthly workshops at our Training Centre for owners to come and touch base to help them thru any difficulties.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Believe it is up to owners to decide... not for me to push another companies products.
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Letter of Agreement states for dog to be returned to us for rehoming

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Phone: 0402 118929
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