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We have been breeding top quality staffords since 1975. Using the correct genetic breeding programs and an in-depth study of pedigree's we are proud to produce top quality Stafford's with truly loving personalities and true loyalty.

All my dogs are DNA tested for all known problems, including L2-GHA and HC. And I'm happy to say that all my dogs have been found clear. (Certificates available upon personal request).

About Aceblue Staffords:
I have been breeding pedigree dogs now for over forty years. In the 1970's I began breeding quality British Bulldogs for the show ring under the prefix of Yacamundi. I had a number of successes in the show ring, including Australian Champion Yacamundi Peterson. In the early 1980's I discovered and fell in love with the Staffordshire Bullterrier.

I continued to breed both Bulldogs and Staffords for a number of years, but slowly and surely, my heart was given to the loyal and loving Stafford. I then discovered something even more beautiful than a Stafford, and that was a blue Stafford. It was at this time I started the prefix, Aceblue. I continued to breed under both the
Yacamundi and the Aceblue prefix for a number of years, but once again, I was driven to choose, and decided to put my total efforts into breeding the perfect blue. It was then that I stopped using the Yacamundi prefix and became solely Aceblue Stafford's.

Over the next 10 years I dedicated myself to studying and researching the genetics behind the blue gene in the Stafford. All with the goal of breeding, what I see as a perfect dog. One with the lovable caring personality that my breeding has always been known for, but with a deep blue coat, dark pigmentation on nails and nose, a short muscular stature, dark eyes, a confident solid head, and charismatic presence. Keeping in mind that quality of form always trumps quality of colour. Always endeavouring to improve the breed.

We are also members of clubs: SBTCQ & CCC Qld Canine Diseases Sub-committee.

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Phone: 0407 462 872
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