St Paddy's Day, a drink, and a dog show or two

The Irish Kennel Club is set to host the largest dog show in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day which falls on the 17th of March every year. It's a day of fun and usually a few drinks for people celebrating Ireland's National Saint. It wasn't always the case though, and we found the history around Irish and UK dog shows and the prohibition of alcohol particularly amusing.

16/03/2023 By Perfect Pets
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For many decades dog shows in Ireland required a license from the British Kennel Club, and no, the Irish were not happy. The Dublin Blue Terrier Club (Kerry Blue Terriers) defied this regulation in 1920 by holding a breed show, and the next year they did it again on St. Patrick's Day, which coincided with the British Kennel Club's dog show - and adding insult to injury - the Irish show smashed the BKC's show in terms of attendance and success.


A few years later, motivated by concern about the amount of alcohol being consumed in Ireland on St Patrick's Day, the House of Commons passed a law to ban the sale of alcohol on the national holiday. As of the March 17 1927, it was mandatory for all Irish pubs to close on that day. It wasn't until 1961 that the law was slightly amended to permit legal drinking, and it was a slight amendment because it was only relevant to members of the UK Kennel Club on the day of its show. So they could enjoy a drink on St Patrick's Day, but no one else could! It wasn't surprising that many people soon realised a keen interest in dogs and dog shows, particularly every year approaching St Patrick's Day when the club saw memberships surge!! 


The law was fully repealed in the 1970's, and Crufts is ongoing - where attendees can enjoy the show and a drink or two at the event.


Happy St Patrick's day - enjoy it with your dog, perhaps even at a pet friendly pub!


Details sourced from National Purebred Dog Day