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Wild Paws products are locally made on the NSW South Coast and shipped Australia wide. They are made from whole, single ingredient, human-grade products and shipped straight from our kitchen to you. No additional preservatives or additive and are added to our products after or during production.

Wild Paws products are hand-picked and slowly dehydrated in small batches at low temperatures to ensure that no essential nutrients are lost. Dehydration allows for the same vitamins and minerals as fresh products, however, provides a longer shelf life with no refrigeration required. They are also fantastic for your pets oral hygiene.

Our products not only can be used as tasty treats but as additional protein to supplement your dog's meal.

We have selected the most nutrient dense meats to ensure every product is not only a tasty snack but adds important elements to your dogs diet. Wild Paws also ensures that our quality is high whilst our prices are low, which is why we only stock a small range in our store.

Please feel most welcome to get in contact with us with regards to additional products or wholesale options.

With Love
The Wild Paws Team

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