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The hospital operates from a modern purpose-built facility constructed in 2010. The building is shared with the Charles Sturt University Small Animal Referral centre and Small Animal Teaching hospital. The practice has provided veterinary care to production farm animals, domestic pets and horses for nearly 60 years.

Our aim is to continue to offer up-to-date high levels of veterinary care, delivered with old-fashioned ethical standards, observing empathy with our clients and showing a caring understanding of their pets and animals.

Small animal services
General veterinary medicine and surgery
Vaccinations, desexing, microchipping, dietary advice
Ultrasound and x-ray imaging facilities
Emergency case management and treatment
Hip scoring for elbow and hip dysplasia
Specialty diets and foods
Puppy preschool

Client convenience
Home visits
"Drop-off" option available for out-of-town clients. For consultations, clients from out of town can leave animals in the morning and pick them up later in the day when convenient
Ability to easily refer complex surgical and medical cases

Large animal services: in clinic or farm calls for
Cattle (Beef & Dairy) - herd health/ pregnancy testing with or without ultrasound/ medical cases
Herd/flock disease investigations
Cattle reproduction and mastitis management
Vaccination and worming strategies
Nutritional advice
Sheep/ Goats/ Camelids
General Equine services including:
emergency medicine
blood work
Equine vaccine & worming supplies. Hendra certified vets.
Cattle and sheep animal health products
We service our large animal clients though farm visits or we have crush/ holding/ loading facilities on site at our new veterinary hospital for in clinic examination and treatment.

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