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Our 3 main surgeries and 3 smaller clinics service the area from Aloomba in the north, Mission Beach to the East and South to Ingham.

At our surgeries we provide a large range of veterinary services, these include:
General surgery
Fracture repairs
Cosmetic surgery
Digital radiography
Haematology and Cytology
Pet Merchandise
Parasite Control Products
Referrals to visiting Veterinary Specialists
Puppy Pre-school
In-house blood pathology machines
Access to Specialist Veterinary Pathology services

We also provide On-Farm Services to both Cattle and Horses including:
General herd health
Equine Dental Maintenance
Parasite Management
Diagnostic Testing
Reproductive Medicine including Artificial Insemination in cattle
General Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
Cattle pregnancy testing
Cattle spaying
Nutrition and Management advice
Ultrasound for equine cases
Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations (Semen Testing)

Our aim is to 'Provide caring and competent veterinary services to all creatures, great and small.'

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Phone: 0408 103 158
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