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The Winged Horse Equine Welfare Inc is a not-for-profit, registered charity with DGR status that is currently based in Portarlington, on the Bellarine Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia. Our mission and purpose is to take in unwanted, neglected, abused and/or slaughter-bound horses and other animals to rehabilitate, support and eventually find each sentient their perfect forever home, where possible. While nurturing those in our care we also aim to educate the wider community about issues related to animal welfare, rescuing and rehabilitating at risk horses and how people can help our efforts.

TWHEW has been running for 3 years after taking ownership of an 80 acre property on the outskirts of Portarlington which had previously been used as a racehorse training facility. Our approach is to use environmentally friendly methods and holistic practices where possible, when looking after those in our care.

We currently have 35 equines in care and, despite horses being our primary rescue, we open our gates to other critters in need, namely; 20 alpacas, 6 sheep/lambs, lots of chickens/roosters, 3 geese, 2 guinea fowl, 5 goats and 3 pigs!

Help Needed: You will no doubt appreciate the cost of all of our rescuing and rehabilitation care. We are currently struggling to pay vet, feed and other bills, as we are purely funded through donations and animal sponsorship. To find out how you can help, head to our website Donate today page. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, help us help them.

OUR WISH LIST (Goodies that we are always in need of)

Equivac 2 in 1 tetanus & strangles vaccines
Equest Plus tape wormers
Fenbendazole 100

Combo chaff
Hygain 'Microbarley'
LT Soy
Mitavite 'Gumnuts'
Whole oats
Crushed maize
Whole wheat
Bales of straw
Bales of grass and lucerne hay
'Lucky Layer' (they contain no meat) chicken pellets
Dry cat food
Tinned cat food

Plastic trugs
Decor containers (1-3 litres) for dried herbs etc
Hoses and connectors- we manage to destroy these for some reason!
Hay forks

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in Queenscliff Rd, Portarlington, VIC

Phone: 0407533380
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