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We endeavor to rescue, rehab, & re-home abandoned and surrendered animals. Our aim is to save the deathrow dogs and cats that many forget about, destined to spend their final days in a cold, hard pound. Also supporting our human kids in need as well.

CATS over 12mths - $85 or bonded pairs $160 (unless otherwise stated by the committee/and if working with another rescue as a bilateral save) includes vaccinated, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed & flea treated.

KITTENS over 6mths but under 12mths - $119 or bonded pairs $238 (unless otherwise stated by the committee/and if working with another rescue as a bilateral save) includes vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, wormed & flea treated.

KITTENS under 6mths - $149 or bonded pairs are $298 (unless otherwise stated by the committee/and if working with another rescue as a bilateral save) with 1st vaccination complete, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed & flea treated.

DOGS to be confirmed as all prices will be individual at the discretion of the committee.

PLEASE NOTE - All of The Not Forgotten Ones Inc. rescue animals come fully vet worked including desexing, vaccination, and microchipping completed.

We have set up a successful network, supporting all the organisations working with foster kids, streets kids, and all fur kids out there. For the fur babies out there in society, to be able to socialise and rehome those special little street cats that are constantly persecuted, and then to be able to place them all into loving and caring homes. These little street cats, make the most beautiful companions once socialised, but often just take a little longer as they are mostly used to people not being very kind.

Animal Rescue is never an easy field, but with everyone's help, support and contribution, we can all give hope to these darlings.

We are now a charity with DGR status, so any donation of over $2 is now tax deductible and we will issue you with a tax receipt, so that we can raise funds for animal rescuers to do their work as well as promoting education within the general public about the importance of desexing their animals and keeping them off the streets. As for our foster and street kids, to also be able to make a difference in their lives for the better.

But we can't do it alone... We need your support!

If you can donate time, food, cages (for the fur kids only of course) or even a small amount of money...every little bit helps. For our foster and street kids, donation of time and whatever you can do to help to make a difference also in their lives.

We are seeking amazing, loving foster carers to join us and help save the lives of the many unwanted, abandoned, abused, and deathrow dogs and cats. Also foster carers out there to help our street kids and foster kids, and will be forwarded to the appropriate departments for them.

We also welcome any other support; whether it be constructive advice or just a donation of a some form, ie. Food, bedding, toys, funds, etc.

You can help by donating money or any of the following items for our animals;

-Fuel cards for transporters for taking animals to and from the vets and collecting donations.
- Wombaroo kitten formula (specially formulated for kittens)
- Dry kibble (cats and dogs)
- Canned food
- Food bowls
- Cat litter
- Litter trays/scoops
- Flea & worm treatments
- Leads
- Collars/Harnesses
- Bedding/Blankets & towels
- Disposable gloves
- Toys to help socialise these precious babies.
- Cages of any kind - carry and temporary cages.
- Anything else you would like to donate, everything will be utilised for the fosters! :)

Any of the above will be delivered to the foster carers of these very special babies.

As for our foster and street kids;
- Time.
- Clothes.
- Food.
- A foster home, where we will direct you to the appropriate people as home checks and blue cards are required to work with children. This is a legal requirement.

SUNCORP BANK, BSB - 484 799, ACCOUNT - 606 188 443

Monetary donations go towards vet services (e.g. desexing, microchipping, vaccinating, and any other vet treatment if need be), flea treatment, worming, food, other typical supplies (toys, litter, leads, collars), plus education of responsible ownership and the plight of animals to help prevent more furkids ending up in pounds, abused, neglected etc.

Also monetary donations for the foster and street kids, will be forwarded on to the appropriate organisations that we will be working with.

CONTACT US:- Please DO NOT hesitate to contact us via email and/or pm to our face book page.

Thank you all in advance for your wonderful generosity and support for our page to help out the human and fur kids in our society whom all need our support.

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