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We are a unique, dedicated holistic veterinary clinic to visit on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Situated next door to Kunara Organic Marketplace, our clinic has been designed to be a warm, welcoming and calming space with neutral tones, natural textiles and large windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in.

We utilise grounding and healing essential oils in the clinic environment to minimise stress on your pet, and aim for efficiency in our daily schedule to ensure your waiting times are kept to a minimum. Although you may find that once you walk inside our space you won't want to leave!

We provide all the usual things a standard veterinary clinic offers, in a carefully designed calming and healing environment. Our facility is equipped with two consult rooms, an imaging room, a treatment room, separate dog and cat wards, large dog kennel, a wildlife/exotic pet area, a diagnostic laboratory, a dedicated sterile surgery room and an intensive/critical care and recovery area. We offer a complete veterinary service including digital radiography, dental imaging and dentistry, endoscopy, surgery including routine desexing, soft tissue, emergency and orthopaedic surgery, hospitalisation, emergency intervention, and laboratory diagnostics, for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets and wildlife.

We understand the different needs of the different species we deal with and have designed our clinic for optimal flow and minimal interaction between pets to reduce stress on your animal. There is a separate waiting area for cats with elevated places for cat cages as they feel stressed when left at ground level in an unfamiliar environment. Dogs and cats are housed in separate areas when they are staying with us at the clinic, and pocket pets and wildlife are kept separate from our predatory companion pets.

Monday to Friday -
Saturdays 9am - midday
Closed on Sundays

For more information please visit our website.

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Phone: (07) 5476 7674
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