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PET NURTURE is a Unique Mobile Animal Wellness Centre. Offering Cat Behaviour & Training, Exercise, Health & Wellness and Loving Pet Care services and products for dogs and cats. Through our extensive range of pet care services and top-quality pet food, supplements and accessories, we help your pets de-stress, move better, recover faster, behave better, be happier and live longer. Because our service is mobile, your pet is cared for in the comfort & privacy of your home.

Pet sitting, cat minding, dog and cat walking to enrichment activities and vet visits, Pet Nurture is the mobile wellness centre that comes to your home. If you are away, you can relax knowing specialist care and attention is on hand.

Pet Nurture will keep your pet's mind sharp and body in top health condition with minimal stress or injury through mental plus physical stimulation. We offer a wide range of exercise, health & wellness services for dogs and cats.

At Pet Nurture, we aim to help you understand why your cat is exhibiting a specific behaviour and address the problem using compassionate, Fear-Free and scientifically proven therapies.

Pet Nurture offers unique training services for cats: clicker & target training, husbandry training, harness/leash training and Feline Assisted Therapy.

Pet Nurture offers private, group and online kitten Kindergarten classes Australia-wide. We help you understand your kitten and its natural behaviour, assist you in building a solid relationship through enrichment and training, prepare your kitten for adult life and set you both up for success!

Top-quality pet food, supplements, and accessories are available for dogs and cats. Discover the Pet Nurture difference by placing an order today at

We are a registered member of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), PPGA Feline Training Member, and International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) Supporting Member. We also proudly give our time to numerous animal rescue events and festivals.

To learn more about PET NURTURE in Sydney, contact us at 0403 939 202

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Phone: 0403939202
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