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Southern Animal Health is a state of the art general practice Veterinary Clinic in Bayside offering extended hours 7 days a week. With our 'Less is healthier' philosophy, we have a modern approach to pet health.

Surgeries other clinics typically send to specialists are done in house by our team of advanced surgeons for a fraction of the cost of specialists. However, for those rare cases where even we would recommend seeing a specialist, we have two of Melbourne's best surgical specialists work in-house at our clinic.

See us for our:
* Less is healthier philosophy
* Extended hours 7 days a week. Open until 9pm on weekdays and until 8pm on weekends to keep you away from emergency centres
* Advanced Surgical Services
* No charge 2nd opinion on complicated medical & surgical conditions (Conditions apply, refer to our website)
* Complete cancer care: For curative aggressive advanced surgery to chemotherapy and complimentary therapies, our clinic aims to cure advanced cancer.
* Complete lameness solutions
* Dermatology: Long term solutions for ear and skin conditions
* Feline friendly practice facilities

Services/offers may be subject to change. In order to stay up to date please refer to our website.

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Phone: 03 9584 6100
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