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Here at Soquilichi Rescue we work long and hard to save unwanted animals. The Rescue is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and has a strict non-euthanasia policy, that deals in deathrow animals and animals that are facing no homes and or neglect or abuse.

We assist with rehoming unwanted cats, horses, dogs etc and ADVERTISE FOR FREE & help network those at high risk.The Rescue is managed by a small unpaid staff committee, and a large dedicated group of volunteers.

All SRR animals receive all vet work prior to being adopted unless they are a kitten that's released under the required weight to desex, if they are under the weight required they come back for desexing and this is included in the adoption fee and in the contract.

We have terms and conditions of sale to ensure the animals are adopted into a suitable and loving home. PLEASE NOTE..... Not one person working at SRR is a paid employee.

We all scrape together what pennies we have to feed/vet and care for these babies. We are the same as you, families with lives outside of animal rescue and jobs to get to each day. So any donations really do mean the world to us and the animals.

Most animals that come to SRR are fostered out to dedicated foster carers where they are kept in a safe indoor environment and given ample opportunities to learn how to reintergrate into family life.

They are loved as if they are owned by that foster carer and tears are often shed when we say goodbye. We will miss them but know that a life has been saved and will have a long and happy life, and another animal can then be saved. This is the most important part of Soquilichi Rescue Ranches operations.

We hope to help educate the world to prevent our over abundance of neglected and abused animals caused by overbreeding. All animals, deserve a fair chance at having love and proper care for the duration of their lives.

Our aim is for a world in which all animals are given the respect we as human beings expect for ourselves.

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Phone: 07 5446 6590
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